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Monsters University: Thumbs Downknightoffire5527/20 11:50PM
12 hours later... Guess how much $ I made today
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meatbal2501467/20 11:35PM
you just know someone had to taste animal foods.HellHole_37/20 11:28PM
Fun fact. Ed Snowden worked in my state. hidden NSA bunker. near walmart too! (Poll)Ryan-0637/20 11:20PM
Skye McCole Bartusiak dies at 21.twa55667/20 11:14PM
The options in today's poll are terrible?Callmege57/20 10:59PM
Christian girls (Poll)
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mayu780127/20 10:56PM
guacamole is so goodHellHole_47/20 10:52PM
How many "Active Messages Posted" do you currently have? (Poll)Full Throttle77/20 10:42PM
What are you drinking right now?
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Arctic_Sunrise277/20 10:40PM
Man, the PS3 controller is such a bad design/missed opportunity.
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Milleyd117/20 10:35PM
Last time you pulled an all nighter?
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Ogurisama257/20 10:17PM
i started up wind waker hd, and i discovered a lie.HellHole_87/20 10:16PM
Is it against veganism to consume breast milk?
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bachewychomp157/20 10:14PM
As expected, not a single PSP game on the top 10.
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VioletZer0257/20 10:14PM
The new Planet of the Apes movie...DirtBasedSoap17/20 10:12PM
When Sonic spins into a ball...WhatPoll97/20 10:11PM
lets all play MK8!
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HellHole_117/20 10:04PM
Pizza Hut rolls out new product to lure back young people!! Will you buy it? (Poll)
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Full Throttle187/20 10:03PM
So I read Elliot Rogers manifesto today
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Julia_Jules177/20 10:01PM