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God I love playstationDazed268449/30 11:15PM
Why do people act so misogynist to female dogs? (Poll)
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C/D Petite girls with fair skin and nice hair.
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What is your web browser? (Poll)
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ITT: The last thing you want to hear your doctor say as you're being put under
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I can't make up my mind, what should I play? (Poll)DirtBasedSoap29/30 10:37PM
Do you really get along with your current friends? (Poll)darcandkharg3159/30 10:32PM
32 y/o Female English Teacher gets 2 years in Prison for sex with 4 Teens! Fair? (Poll)
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Which of the above should i preorder? (Poll)
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This 17 y/o Kid's senior picture was Banned...Is this fair? (Poll)
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Annual Rank the Ratchet and Clank games Topic!
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raymanfan1119/30 10:16PM
It looks like Drake might be going to Atlantis (or similar) in Uncharted 4.raymanfan119/30 10:16PM
A Shinedown 5-pack came out today (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32249/30 10:16PM
I think the guy that has Ebola in Dallas knew he had it before he flew to the USMrArmageddon819/30 9:58PM
i have so much msuic both my phone and xbox freeze when trying to load ithelIy39/30 9:55PM
Official PotD Destiny Topic (All Systems)
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Melon_Master4009/30 9:53PM
i hope to piss off at least one person with thishelIy49/30 9:51PM
i'm in love with ninja sex partyhelIy19/30 9:50PM
So is Metroid going to disappear into obscurity?
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BigOlePappy419/30 9:44PM
HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE (caps)sonicbn39/30 9:29PM