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Tempted to attend a Dragons of Tarkir (sp?) pre-releaseZeus25/2 6:08PM
So Age of Ultron was pretty great....
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Krow_Incarnate425/2 6:01PM
This White Grocery Worker is in trouble after he used a TASER to kill a Mouse!!. (Poll)
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Full Throttle155/2 5:49PM
At this point I can literally beat Mario 64 in about 3+ hours.Captain-Trips65/2 5:48PM
Post the weirdest tag you've used to tag someone on GameFAQsDarknessLink765/2 5:40PM
Do you think they will have Spider-Man in the next avengers?Dmess8585/2 5:25PM
so I'm watching dragon ball on adult swim, quick question-Komaiko54M15/2 5:18PM
God damn, Age of Empires II HD is taking forever to install.Jen012585/2 5:17PM
Hey turt I don't have good enough Internet to stream.Judgmenl15/2 5:04PM
My roomy is quite sick and intolerant of my LP voice, therefor PICTURES
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Lokarin945/2 4:56PM
"Yeah, I called to see if you knew how to order the Pac fight on Xbox Video
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quigonzel145/2 4:49PM
The Souls games are the only games can keep my attention anymoreChef_Excellence85/2 4:42PM
What would it be like if Samus had a bug's head?CaioNV45/2 4:27PM
"Well, our machine hasn't been activating gift cards all day.You'll have toArtistScientist25/2 4:20PM
Black Ops 2 had the best zombies-Komaiko54M105/2 4:07PM
This is the greatest yell of all Time.Metro225/2 4:06PM
Is there an android app to trick websites about resolution sizeurmomishawt0465/2 4:05PM
Why did we stop adding US states after 50?Metro265/2 3:52PM
Holy hell at the defiled chalice dungeon in Bloodborne. This is ridiculous.
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Dynalo235/2 3:50PM
TV is dying.
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Judgmenl145/2 3:49PM