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went to a strip club for the first time
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pedro451411/26 11:47PM
"Can I go to the restroom?" Teacher: "I dunno, can you?"
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Metro21311/26 11:37PM
Reign Over Me actually has a lot of Shadow of the Colossus in it.FellWolf411/26 11:37PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 603 | All in the Family (Poll)Slayer7861411/26 11:22PM
Capcom teases Exclusive PS4 game next month the West will "turn heads" (Poll)
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Full Throttle1911/26 11:18PM
Obama Government cancel permit for Idado Hunting Killing Spree!! Good Decision? (Poll)Full Throttle711/26 11:17PM
Name every great RPG on this system (Poll)
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knightoffire552311/26 11:12PM
I just finished reading Eragon.
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EclairReturns1111/26 11:05PM
did anyone here like the axe cop cartoon?NightMareBunny511/26 10:53PM
This is a real article. :(dragon504411/26 10:49PM
Had gay sex for the first time last night
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Junpeiclover2811/26 10:49PM
This 26 y/o Harvard Student fell from a Ceiling naked into a Woman's Bathroom!! (Poll)Full Throttle611/26 10:45PM
I hope onii Chan sempai kun senseiSHADOW0106511/26 10:30PM
What makes you prefer one secret base over another in Pokemon OR/AS?Xfma100311/26 10:23PM
Rate that TV Show | Day 601| The Twilight Zone (Poll)Slayer7861811/26 10:09PM
Wow, Berserk is a pretty cool anime
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St_Kevin1511/26 10:07PM
PotD Rate the video game song: Day 54 - Pursuit~Caught (Phoenix Wright: T&T) (Poll)quigonzel711/26 9:42PM
MLP comics, pay what you want Humble Bundle. Is it worth it?Metro2511/26 9:24PM
You make a handheld system with no screenWhatPoll711/26 9:23PM
I've been in the airport for 2 hours getting drunk.
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Zangulus1711/26 9:17PM