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I'm not really enjoying Final Fantasy Tactics' lack of world exploration.EclairReturns103/6 2:20PM
Transformers: Rise of the Dark Spark's reviews annoy me.raymanfan113/6 2:20PM
my sister wants to play five nights at freddy's with me
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pollguy55133/6 2:19PM
Someone just tried to tell me Star Trek Online wasn't Pay to Win.Judgmenl13/6 2:19PM
Who is your favorite Slytherin? (Poll)
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EclairReturns123/6 2:18PM
we're going to name our son 'aculo' if he's a boy.
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ZiggiStardust533/6 2:18PM
Does Europe have to acomodate conservative muslims or do they have to adapt? (Poll)
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yourDaddie133/6 2:17PM
Yakuza: Team RocketTheRevolver33/6 2:16PM
What is the best tactical RPG?
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EclairReturns123/6 2:14PM
Pizza Hut has a medium 3 topping for $6 today
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warlogna133/6 2:14PM
WATCH_DOGS (PS3), good or bad? (Poll)
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DeltaBladeX153/6 2:13PM
C/D You spend a lot of money on food (Poll)
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aznStaRBoY193/6 2:12PM
Islamic State: Ancient Nimrud ruins 'bulldozed' in IraqNeoSioType33/6 2:07PM
SJWs complain Overwatch has no diversity in designs, complains when it does.KroganBaIIEater33/6 2:05PM
Gender is an informed ability: Yeah, Helmet LoveLokarin53/6 2:04PM
Why do people still buy Incandescent light bulbs?
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argonautweekynd143/6 2:04PM
Sure, males are mean to females on the internet.
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GanonsSpirit423/6 2:03PM
Why do all Mobas have an elvish looking fair haired woman who lives in a snowyourDaddie83/6 2:01PM
would you date yourself from another dimension? (he/she is the sex you like) (Poll)
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yourDaddie143/6 2:01PM
I think this calculator watch is gonna be my new everyday
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argonautweekynd113/6 2:01PM