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Rate this Villain Day 433 Alex Rosewater ( Big O) (Poll)scubasteve4285/19 10:21AM
As of now, I am no longer vegan.
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VioletZer0435/19 10:06AM
I do not who who should I vote for now...Metal_Gear_Link95/19 9:54AM
I don't really watch Game of Thrones, but I caught one of the recent? fightsLokarin45/19 9:50AM
Go for kiss first date?Chef_Excellence25/19 9:50AM
What have you accomplished in the last 24 hours?
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Metro2205/19 9:40AM
combat in xenoblade chronicles is weirdNade Duck95/19 9:24AM
How hard would it be to move to a new country from America? Say, like Australia?MasterSword54685/19 9:24AM
Do you eat the crust off pizza? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn335/19 9:17AM
Total internal drive space on your computer?
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Ogurisama235/19 9:14AM
Does anyone here like puzzles?
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ArtistScientist165/19 9:07AM
Was there a plot reason Trunks didn't describe *DBZ spoilers I guess*party_animal0775/19 9:06AM
why are people meanWhite_Female105/19 8:56AM
I never met a fit man who prefers chubby women
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Metal_Gear_Link125/19 8:53AM
Why does the Witcher need two swords?Metro265/19 8:30AM
I got my first tattoo!
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kratosdakota3375/19 8:27AM
TIL that people actually have sex in the dark
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BNVshark123235/19 8:20AM
Rec me story driven games please.ArtistScientist35/19 8:13AM
Is it worth getting TMNT: Battle nexus for the TMNT Arcade game? (Poll)RFC2235/19 7:46AM
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