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This Frat Pledge Jumped off a Bridge and Died because he couldn't afford McD's!! (Poll)
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Is it in your opinion that the above poster is a troll?
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What are some of the most extreme examples of Critic and Audience dissonance?VioletZer094/1 4:50PM
Amazon Prime has spoiled me
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rexcrk114/1 4:43PM
According to New York Times, Scott Walker disqualified from PresidencyTheWorstPoster24/1 4:42PM
Do you play games you don't like? (Poll)
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wwinterj25524/1 4:38PM
The Godfather has very little action and suspenseThe_Sexorcist34/1 4:32PM
I've been feeling really down latleyAwesomeTurtwig54/1 4:30PM
guys, guys, I'm not too sure how I feel about this...Komaiko5484/1 4:26PM
Will all next gen systems use discs as their primary format?
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deadpigs101124/1 4:25PM
Will all next gen systems use ducks as their primary format?TheWorstPoster34/1 4:21PM
Isn't a "higher power" more reasonable than none?
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Q_Sensei554/1 4:10PM
I would like to make some YouTube Money, WHO'S WHIT ME!!!
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Lokarin544/1 4:09PM
This Nintendo direct was lameTheWorstPoster54/1 4:06PM