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It's okay just to regularly to into a local coffee shop and not order anything,
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bluPython177/31 2:48PM
how good do reviews have to be in order for you to buy a game?
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humptyrump127/31 2:47PM
Did you like Mario Galaxy or Galaxy 2 more?
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raymanfan1287/31 2:47PM
So have they annouced when and where the rest of season 3 of Korra will be?GanonsSpirit67/31 2:47PM
The superior race (Poll)aznStaRBoY67/31 2:46PM
I don't understand why streaming music/movies etc is more popular than owningErik_P87/31 2:44PM
What do you even do in grad school to get a PhD in computer science?bluPython57/31 2:43PM
I've been gone for a while. What did I miss?JigsawThought47/31 2:41PM
So what's up with the prices for playstation now?IceDragon7757/31 2:34PM
Day 177 Superhero/Hero/Antihero Mash up (Poll)scubasteve4227/31 2:32PM
Rate this Villain Day 175 Mole Man (Poll)scubasteve4237/31 2:32PM
Who is the most attractive person you've ever seen? Post and I'll rate /10xXILoveRikkuXx87/31 2:31PM
How much do you know about computers?
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KainReaver109167/31 2:28PM
Steve Wilkos is the biggest piece of s*** talk-show host ever.
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Ferarri619147/31 2:28PM
TLoU Remastered is awesome!ZiggiStardust27/31 2:26PM
someone should fight me in Halo WarshelIy17/31 2:25PM
attn: arctic
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helIy297/31 2:23PM
What version of Windows are you using? (Poll)ZiggiStardust107/31 2:21PM
Dinosaurs are like dragons right?Dmess8557/31 2:21PM
xfaqs users report in, lets see your avatars
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deoxxys327/31 2:19PM