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How smell a sneeze of a girl?, smell and feeling ;)HenryKissiger412/25 5:28PM
Should the Washington Redskins change their incredibly offensive racist name? (Poll)
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McSame_as_Bush1412/25 5:26PM
Post your Christmas loot
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DirtBasedSoap4212/25 5:25PM
Yesterday, I played Strip Magic the Gathering, then earned my red wings, AMA
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lihlih2412/25 5:25PM
What's a good convincing reason to break up with your girlfriend of 2 years?Rlaur21012/25 5:25PM
Currently watching the Interview...MechaKirby212/25 5:24PM
I appreciate Link more after watching this videoJunpeiclover412/25 5:24PM
I'm done PotD. I'm just done.
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Judgmenl4112/25 5:24PM
Picked up an original model 3DS cheapDeltaBladeX212/25 5:24PM
HOLY ****... WTF are you doing on a freakin MESSAGE BOARD on CHRISTMAS DAY!!????
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mayu7804412/25 5:22PM
I can't take Dark Souls anymore
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AwesomeTurtwig7512/25 5:22PM
Won my first game of Civilization Beyond Earth.Dynalo412/25 5:19PM
Do you have a White Christmas this year?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle2712/25 5:14PM
Dropping by to wish you all a Happy Holiday! ^_^Zanimar212/25 5:12PM
I asked for Captain America: The Winter Soldier for Secret SantaMetalsonic661012/25 5:12PM
XBOX One Japanese exclusive Bombs Hard in Japan as it sells 1415 Units!! (Poll)Full Throttle212/25 5:11PM
j dont know what to buy with my google play gift cardGreenfox111312/25 5:08PM
Bronies will probably like this.Indignation912/25 5:03PM
Do you pick your nose? (Poll)darcandkharg31312/25 5:02PM
I now own The Wonderful 101.GanonsSpirit612/25 4:59PM