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I really wanna do thisThePollGuy54112/24 2:51PM
LP's Crawling is a psychological thriller song.SephirothXV312/24 2:47PM
40 free apps available on amazon app store (five nights at freddies, etc)Kimbos_Egg712/24 2:45PM
Weed is for the people.
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Storrac2312/24 2:43PM
Is it racist to say some races are superior? (Poll)yourDaddie612/24 2:42PM
Heh, I won my Fantasy Football League for the 2nd time ever...pionear312/24 2:40PM
Watched The Battle of the Five Armies today.AllstarSniper321012/24 2:30PM
Finish this scenarioblackhrt212/24 2:25PM
almost janurary and it hasn't snowed ONCE where I live!ThePollGuy54212/24 1:58PM
whenever i have poptarts(in house)i eat them almost everydayNightMareBunny412/24 1:55PM
It's going to snow in HawaiiSt_Kevin1012/24 1:55PM
Isn't it stupid that it isnt the meaning of a word that's offensive but the worddavf135212/24 1:53PM
Is there a difference between transexualism and homosexualism?
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Poll52532612/24 1:45PM
Always bothers me how some professors post grades ASAP while others
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davf1351112/24 1:42PM
Slim Muscle chick...hawt or nawt... (Poll)
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pionear1712/24 1:40PM
God loves you so much....
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DirtBasedSoap2112/24 1:39PM
Do you think Frosty was aware of time passing while he didn't have his hat on...keyblader1985612/24 1:28PM
Die Hard is the best Christmas movie ever.
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SIvIart_USMC1212/24 1:15PM
Final Fantasy VII is overrated trash
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SephirothXV2312/24 1:11PM
Someone trade me a Ditto for Omega Ruby pleaseDeltaBladeX812/24 1:10PM