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How do you pronounce "Mobile"? (Poll)
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How long has it been since you had sex? (Poll)
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Is there a Fire Emblem-esque game for PC?
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Terrorizing POTD is hard with my best buddy ICOYAR moving on with his life?ImmortalityV37/25 12:23AM
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What's your favorite main series Tales of game? (Poll)
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Hey guys, rate this picture I took. (Poll)
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What does it mean for a character to be a Mary Sue, tv tropes seems to be iffy
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DrPrimemaster177/25 12:13AM
where is the black optionmayu78047/25 12:12AM
Lets play a game POTD are you good enough or lame?overlordlaharl077/25 12:09AM
Ok, question. Suppose I were to ask you about "next Tuesday".
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WastelandCowboy117/25 12:07AM
you got baby blue eyes?ReggieBush0977/25 12:03AM
Somebody leaked Expendables 3 on the internet...Someone's gonna get Fired!Full Throttle37/24 11:54PM
Ok, question. Suppose I were to ask you about "last Tuesday".
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BTB177/24 11:45PM