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This 24 y/o Girl won 27 million in the Lottery..and she's gonna blow all of it!! (Poll)
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woot! Guardians of the Galaxy rox0rz! I just saw it
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This 22 y/o Man decided to wear a Sheep costume..then someone set him on Fire.:/ (Poll)
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So why doesn't SquarEnix remake FF VII? (Poll)
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Why is this board more sensitive to critizism of Islam than christianity?
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What game sequels out there were in TOTALLY DIFFERENT GENRES from the originals?
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Do you find the words Game Over to be offensive? (Poll)Dmess8558/1 7:18AM
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OoT vs Majora's Mask vs Wind Waker (Poll)
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PotD Rate a Game - Game 749 - Alleyway (GB)DeltaBladeX108/1 7:11AM
A customer complained that the music we play in the store is inappropriate.
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Is there such a thing as a "fair" stereotype? (Poll)Q_Sensei88/1 7:01AM