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When was the first time you had sex?
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GanonsSpirit704/16 9:49PM
Ripped achilles tendon or medial collateral ligament tear?blackhrt14/16 9:07PM
Guess who is, in fact, back. Back again. You should, perhaps, tell a friend.AtledAotearoa54/16 9:03PM
What video game music with unusual time signatures do you like?SilentSeph34/16 8:54PM
So I guess I broke my knee.
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Storrac134/16 8:49PM
Sometimes I take a step back and look at how bad PotD has gottenCaptain-Trips84/16 8:26PM
Was that Lando standing next to Chewie?
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FridayHorse244/16 8:21PM
Salt and Sanctuary hype trainLokarin74/16 8:18PM
rap over this
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RedSox342204/16 8:04PM
My GBA SP is basically my toilet video game systemDoubleDare104/16 8:00PM
ATTN: PotDer who enjoys Hexcells as much as me (was it Shadowsword87?)
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DeltaBladeX174/16 7:45PM
In what part of the United States do you reside? (Poll)
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EclairReturns514/16 7:15PM
RE: Poll of the day - pooping and gamingJTekashiro44/16 7:15PM
Do you think people with disability should have "God's given right"? (Poll)
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RayKnight244/16 7:14PM
What do you guys think of this??.WrestlinJustice64/16 7:12PM
If you could go back in time. (Poll)
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TooTooP2124/16 7:10PM
I'm bored and twitchy... AMA me anything
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Lokarin124/16 7:02PM
Suppose you were fighting this guyTheWorstPoster24/16 7:00PM
Any PotDers have a screen name that you really like?
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quigonzel344/16 6:51PM
Are there any good SRPGs for the GB/GBC?lihlih24/16 6:45PM