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Have you ever been in a fight? (Poll)
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SkynyrdRocker431/23 5:48AM
Ferrero Rocher vs Ferrero Rafaelo vs Ferrero Rondnoir (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link41/23 5:40AM
I like to sing popular songs to my cat and replace all the words with meowAction5331/23 5:32AM
Tomorrow I'm facing the final obstacle in getting that job, a staff interview.
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DespondentDeity201/23 5:27AM
The George Glass meme has gone too farBNVshark12361/23 5:21AM
I just killed a big spider in my basement that randomly creeped on my wall.Ferarri61931/23 5:13AM
This is the most interesting speed run I have ever seenAwesomeTurtwig61/23 5:01AM
what would you do if Ray Romano was the next guy to play as the joker?NightMareBunny21/23 4:17AM
I just drank a local beer, its called sex panther.brisashi21/23 3:16AM
Picross is my favorite grid puzzle.raymanfan1101/23 3:10AM
Here's my Sunday's bestcrazy rockman11/23 2:56AM
Honest thread: why is suicide SUCH a sore spot for most people.
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VioletZer0811/23 2:32AM
Can't believe it's 4 am central.CNN31/23 2:16AM
Baby. Don't hurt me. Don't hurt me.Arctic_Sunrise51/23 2:06AM
ATTN: my neighboursKanakiri51/23 1:48AM
Missing poll option: I'm trying to collect them, but they're always sold outdeadpigs10131/23 1:40AM
I just found an external CD drive.
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argonautweekynd121/23 1:35AM
So if a i drink half a bottle of vodka every FridayViolet_Blooded21/23 1:26AM
One of these was my first pet.raymanfan111/23 1:20AM
Aw yeah got some sweet records in the mail todayargonautweekynd101/23 12:53AM