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Anyone played Vanquish? (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate149/11 7:57PM
We can reserve our iPhone 6's soon!TinyTankX109/11 7:56PM
i don't get why people are eager to try out random new milkshake flavors
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NightMareBunny219/11 7:48PM
Remember when...Dmess8519/11 7:47PM
Not buying another Battlefield game unless it's BF: Bad Company 3AC_Dragonfire49/11 7:45PM
What do you Think PotDers Would Be Like if Porn didn't Exist or the Internet at (Poll)bachewychomp79/11 7:39PM
man I hate how this works.S_Fox59/11 7:34PM
My 4 month suspension is now over! I'm back!
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04Dark239/11 7:26PM
Does anyone actually use cruise control while they're driving?
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yoshi006419/11 7:08PM
i miss mariofanaticNade Duck69/11 6:54PM
hey its my birthday
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Greenfox111169/11 6:42PM
i just subbed to Nature BoxhelIy109/11 6:41PM
I want to try wonuts.WastelandCowboy29/11 6:35PM
should a guy that likes fat girls have to hide it from his family and friends? (Poll)NightMareBunny89/11 6:33PM
Rate that cartoon /10 - Day 535 - Catdog (Poll)Slayer786179/11 6:29PM
People who make one-word responses on Skype are the worst.
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Metro2239/11 6:25PM
The Progression of Geometry in USA Schools in a Nutshell.
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KroganBaIIEater149/11 6:13PM
if m$ buys mojang, I am going to puke in a bag every day then mail it to mojang.TitanStrike99/11 5:48PM
I'm considering giving Plasma to get some quick cashN80559/11 5:39PM
What's some good anime shows to watch? And I'll post my opinion on 1st episode.
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A_Loyal_Gamer209/11 5:36PM