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Marine Sniper who urinated on Taliban corpses in 2012 is found Dead.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle298/17 9:42PM
KOTOR's very strange on the 360 (spoilers)N30Chaos68718/17 9:32PM
Do you think if vulcans from star trek shopped on ebay...Lobomoon28/17 9:14PM
18 y/o beats a 16 y/o Autistic Teen at a House Party while others cheered him on (Poll)
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Full Throttle348/17 9:13PM
Tale of X9 is the lowest rated Samurai Jack episode on IMDB.GanonsSpirit58/17 9:12PM
P.T. (18+ rated game).Lobomoon78/17 9:06PM
LEAST Favorite Paper Mario Partner - Day 7 (Closed)
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Redmage1987188/17 9:04PM
I have a birthmark on my shaft thats starting to swell
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OmegaTomHank318/17 9:03PM
So I heard a story on the news about father taking his son to a real war-zone...Lobomoon108/17 8:55PM
When you get modded, does it come as a surprise to you?
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bachewychomp148/17 8:51PM
If I told you things I did before, told you how I used to be (Poll)knightoffire5518/17 8:46PM
Ever just plain refused to do something at work?
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Arctic_Sunrise128/17 8:31PM
Uh-Oh..Look at the people now rallying FOR the Cop who killed Michael Brown!! (Poll)Full Throttle68/17 8:30PM
Have you at any one point, had the ringtone from Paper Mario TTYD on your phone? (Poll)T-dus108/17 8:10PM
I need 3DS friend codes
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N805128/17 8:07PM
Can someone fill me in to who is who now? I stopped lurking and hardly post now.
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ASlaveObeys328/17 7:48PM
Boogie asked me to post something for him
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DeltaBladeX148/17 7:42PM
What was your reaction when you first saw that video of Tara the hero cat?bobaTmintjulep28/17 7:36PM
Is the >_> emoticon used for things other than sarcasm?
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T-dus178/17 7:34PM
So, I bought some earbuds today, but something's not right.Kanakiri88/17 7:31PM