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omg guys I got a date to my school dance! (TL;DR prone)
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-Komaiko54M225/19 3:04AM
windows on screen keyboard is ba to the maxrgonautweekend35/19 1:50AM
Transformers Prime, serious plot problems. (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate155/19 1:45AM
What is with this Truth Contest BS I see spammed everywhereMilleyd25/19 1:42AM
So I'm thinking of building a Mugen crossover of Inuyasha and Samurai Shodown...Krow_Incarnate65/19 1:28AM
The Eryth Sea in Xenoblade Chronicles is painfulTheWorstPoster75/19 1:27AM
Damn, Witcher 3 on Ultra Settings looks insane!!!!quigonzel35/19 12:41AM
If you could have one skill/ability from a video game in real life... (spoilers)
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Lobomoon175/19 12:39AM
Got tired of it?Gamechamp3k35/19 12:13AM
Can Pizza be innovative without going the Epic Meal Time route?deadpigs10145/19 12:09AM
I am going to purchase two Casio watches tonightrgonautweekend25/19 12:09AM
Sometimes I go to bars on free jukebox night and request a certain NOFX songrgonautweekend25/19 12:04AM
remember when people were fine with video games just playing games?NightMareBunny95/18 11:57PM
why do some people just utterly despise people(real or not)that are positive?NightMareBunny55/18 11:53PM
The gas station was out of "Tombstone" frozen pizzas.quigonzel15/18 11:50PM
I've Been Waiting Two Hours For A Pizza...
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aDirtyShisno185/18 11:48PM
Salt is lovedo_ob_tpkillr25/18 11:48PM
Is the actress that plays Sansa in GoT over 18?MrArmageddon825/18 11:46PM
In OKC apparently pizza places have a "do not deliver" and aArtistScientist65/18 11:45PM
when i go over my friends apartment i am never allowed to use his laptoprgonautweekend105/18 11:45PM