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Big Metal Gear Solid V announcement coming Wednesday.
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Storrac223/4 2:50PM
Metal Gear Solid V coming out September 1styourDaddie33/4 2:45PM
found some old commercials where Chef Boyardee Was Marketed at adults
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NightMareBunny113/4 2:42PM
Which is the first Pokemon? (Poll)MordantHubris103/4 2:23PM
Google can be pretty funny sometimes.Gastroid23/4 2:12PM
What would be a beneficial major to get my Masters in?Stupid Pirate Guy103/4 2:12PM
dontcha hate getting game invites online for stuff you don't own?NightMareBunny33/4 2:09PM
wow. the first dbz movie is dumb as ****
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helIy203/4 1:53PM
I wish I could play the new DBZ game. Maybe I'll go rent it at Blockbuster..MICHALECOLE73/4 1:26PM
i literally spit on my friend's original launch 3DS
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ZiggiStardust163/4 1:24PM
March PS Plus games announced (finally). Great selection!
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Far-Queue233/4 1:22PM
Excessive Ponies Topic XXVIII Excessive Purges Edition (Poll)
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GanonsSpirit143/4 1:20PM
SunWuKong has never been in a fight. (Closed)
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RPGMaster Right Here263/4 1:17PM
when i was 17, a llama spit on me while i was at a petting zoo.ZiggiStardust73/4 1:17PM
What are some good RPGs on Steam?SIvIart_USMC83/4 1:03PM
Okay... That was quite the difficulty spike. *Early Game Xillia 2 Spoilers*
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Dynalo123/4 1:00PM
Rate the PotDer Nominations Topic (Poll)
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HigherThanAHobo1773/4 12:44PM
New Game Theory episode.CaioNV33/4 12:38PM
I took that girl out bowling. Hahaha I f***ing kicked her ass
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Sirkukukingz5183/4 12:38PM
The Doctor Who club on campus is so lame, I swear.
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BNVshark123193/4 12:35PM