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Horror movies make me feel physically ill.ArtistScientist85/3 9:35PM
PayPal and eBay are splitting.rexcrk35/3 9:30PM
So...Oklahoma City. How's the violence?ArtistScientist35/3 9:29PM
The best part of this season of Game of Thrones is... *Spoilers*GanonsSpirit105/3 9:18PM
Should a male who has failed the physical requirements be allowed to be...Lokarin45/3 9:18PM
I saw Avengers age of ultron.jamieyello335/3 9:00PM
its hard to fight with an injured shoulderlolamericans15/3 8:58PM
Suppose your Lover turned out to be the OPPOSITE would you react? (Poll)
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Full Throttle145/3 8:56PM
Icoyar --> WhatPoll --> JokePoster?AnonymousUser45/3 8:46PM
I just beat Final Fantasy Tactics. (Poll)EclairReturns85/3 8:44PM
I want to see her again.... but how?
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lol at people who think Mayweather vs. Pacquiao killed/hurt boxing.
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NachoVarga135/3 7:09PM
What do you think of Xenoblade X's polarizing battle theme? (Poll)
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Raganork10155/3 6:42PM
Post Nopes, I want to scare people laterDeltaBladeX105/3 6:28PM
Greatest Game Ever - Round 1: Match 29: Half-Life 2 vs. Silent Hill 2 (Poll)
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quigonzel135/3 6:22PM
Which do you like to watch more? Boxing or MMA? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn145/3 6:20PM
Just watched Cheap Thrills....Krow_Incarnate35/3 6:14PM
The future will be more accepting of nudity
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NeoSioType115/3 6:13PM
did last night's Pac/Mayweather PPV Fight help or hurt boxing?
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NightMareBunny235/3 6:11PM