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I just realised...HenryKissiger49/23 11:34AM
I just finished my first workout at Planet Fitnesscgreenw79/23 11:08AM
it still doesn't feel like its my Junior year yet...Martin_P_Sleazy69/23 11:03AM
Do you like lo-fi psychedelic noise prog-tronica? Well you're in luck, cause...Milleyd49/23 11:03AM
Lets watch the Gotham series premiere SPOILERSCaptain-Trips39/23 10:57AM
Without looking it up, name me the first 3 presidents of the United States.
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Dan0429309/23 10:56AM
"Bowling and gaming are my two main hobbies."ZiggiStardust49/23 10:53AM
How do you want your body to be handled before you die?
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SchmensWife119/23 10:40AM
Rate this thing: RC Cola (Poll)brisashi39/23 10:30AM
Why is it that...Nightwish49/23 10:21AM
Wife made me raisin toast with butter this morning.brisashi49/23 10:10AM
I'm not liking only having one bathroom.
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SkynyrdRocker199/23 10:07AM
How many inches is yours?
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Lobomoon419/23 10:05AM
anyone else gonna be playing Gauntlet(2014)Tomorrow?NightMareBunny99/23 10:05AM
My mom is getting a divorce again. /blogfaqs
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SuperBetaBoy189/23 9:59AM
Haku is the worst f***ing Naruto character. Hate that guy.
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ZiggiStardust399/23 9:50AM
when did you pick up smoking
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pedro45719/23 9:50AM
Rate this Superhero/Hero/Antihero Day 225 Sailor Pluto (Poll)scubasteve42109/23 9:46AM
Rate this Villain Day 223 Android 13 (Poll)scubasteve4269/23 9:46AM
Is Borderlands 2 playable solo?
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r7gerrabbit279/23 9:45AM