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I just tried a Cadbury "Dairy Milk" bar.brisashi41/29 7:49AM
Games surprisingly critically acclaimed?
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Yoshipizza5231/29 7:10AM
Heroes 3 HD, Post here if you want to play a game :)Dazed268431/29 7:05AM
Song of the year in heremadadude31/29 7:03AM
does anyone else remember the snack "Dunkaroos"?NightMareBunny81/29 6:51AM
f*** smash bros, the best wii u game of holiday 2014 was captain toad.
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ZiggiStardust361/29 6:47AM
my electric bill is ridiculously high
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ssj4supervegeta321/29 6:32AM
Ow... my ass...St_Kevin21/29 6:30AM
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That moment when you're playing Grey Goo as Humans...VioletZer011/29 5:52AM
Toonami cut down to 3 hours....
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NightMareBunny361/29 5:24AM
"You think this is the real Quaid? IT IS!"Arctic_Sunrise11/29 5:19AM
At least they found 1 out of 2 planes this timeblackhrt41/29 2:09AM
This Nanny is Terrified after someone hacked into a Babycam and said She's Cute! (Poll)Full Throttle61/29 2:08AM
do you swallowlootwoman81/29 12:53AM
New guitar waiting topic
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acesxhigh191/29 12:09AM
Excessive Ponies Topic XXVII (Poll)
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GanonsSpirit391/29 12:00AM
Post in this topic and get rated based off the almost zero info I know of you
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FrndNhbrHdCEman201/28 11:26PM
When reciting long numbers with zeroes in them, how do you pronounce the zero? (Poll)
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EclairReturns301/28 11:23PM
Snow removal must be a b**** in NYCOgurisama61/28 11:17PM