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17 y/o Girl who held Friend down to be Raped is back in JAIL for Bullying!!.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle214/22 5:30PM
I'm watching The O'Reilly Factorknightoffire5524/22 5:22PM
Greatest Game Ever: Round 1 Match 21 Guitar Hero 2 vs Spr Strt Figther II Turbo (Poll)
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quigonzel144/22 5:18PM
Is this legal?
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Muscles124/22 4:43PM
So iceman is gay now.
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Kimbos_Egg784/22 4:42PM
Best Steven Segal movies, go!
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Lokarin234/22 3:52PM
make a movie pitch for the picture ittSHADOW0106104/22 3:41PM
Didn't you used to be able to play minecraft for free on their website?Action53104/22 3:25PM
There's a new Dominion expansion coming out this week.Pus_N_Pecans34/22 3:23PM
so here's a list of games i've played in the past few dayshelIy54/22 3:20PM
Dont ask what your planet can do for youDirtBasedSoap54/22 3:17PM
I had my first nightmare in over 5 years last night.
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mugga2154/22 3:07PM
I qualified for a free class in the summerTheWorstPoster34/22 3:05PM
The antithesis of chauvinism is bovinism?Truth_Bomb14/22 3:04PM
Have you ever been in the Chris Houlihan room (in ALttP)? (Poll)
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ObligatoryFate304/22 3:01PM
I just got netflix.
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ASlaveObeys234/22 2:55PM
Just had those new ghost pepper fries from Wendy's.
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GameLord113144/22 2:54PM
I wish I had some duckbear heifer newsfeed...ArctheLad1314/22 2:34PM
i think it's hilarious that paul reubens did an anti-drug PSA but thenhelIy14/22 2:14PM
would bill Clinton be able to serve as Hillary's VP?
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Zikten224/22 2:14PM