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Why did no one tell me Parks and Recs was literally the best showfrybrain0094111/20 1:40PM
Which starters should I choose in ORAS? Treeko or Mudkip?
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KroganBaIIEater1511/20 1:40PM
So I'm looking for new headphones and a friend recommended Beats by Doctor Phil.Lobomoon311/20 1:38PM
I honestly wasn't expecting that to get deleted.
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Kanakiri1111/20 1:36PM
I've been having these weird thoughts is any of this for real?
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Captain-Trips1211/20 1:36PM
Longest film you have watched?
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The_Sexorcist2811/20 1:33PM
I hate how I can never get the smell of sweat out of my hands after...
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BNVshark1232311/20 1:32PM
American Olympic Swimming Champion Michael Phelp's 41 y/o g/f was born a Man!! (Poll)
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Full Throttle5311/20 1:32PM
I've decided to live for Avengers 3Zikten511/20 1:32PM
Which half of an Oreo do you eat first? (Poll)frybrain0094211/20 1:32PM
papercup plays the entire Final Fantasy Series part 5papercup411/20 1:30PM
GameTok with Lok: What do you want from Sonic?Lokarin611/20 1:30PM
ITT We write a short Growing Pains fanfic three words at a time for Kirk Cameron
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Melon_Master11611/20 1:28PM
Good arcade stick?Lazy_Narumi611/20 1:26PM
I would pork Mindy Kaling.
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ArctheLad132411/20 1:20PM
i have 2 days 16 hours played in WoDLootman1011/20 1:17PM
LOL... This Girl Told Me Her Friend Was Visiting And I Didn't Get ItaDirtyShisno511/20 1:17PM
getting pokemon and dragon age tomorrow.IceDragon77211/20 1:02PM
school shooter may have wanted someone to try to stop himZikten111/20 12:59PM
Why would anyone want to be on Judge Judy?NeoSioType611/20 12:52PM