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Pedegree dogs are a scamMetal_Gear_Link111/25 8:46AM
The man bun fad is getting out of hand.WaterImp411/25 8:33AM
This 8 y/o Girl was expelled because she refused to take a Vaccination. Fair?? (Poll)
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Full Throttle3411/25 8:23AM
Just realized I bought the wrong Pokemon game >_>Kanakiri1011/25 8:21AM
In Chrome can you make several tabs your homepage at once?ThePostageStamp411/25 8:20AM
You know how it's said that there are around 7 people that look like you?kratosdakota3211/25 8:19AM
My work is frying turkeys for everyone's lunch todayAction53111/25 8:15AM
What would you do if you found ONE Dragon Ball?
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Lokarin2911/25 7:48AM
So long, gay Bowser!
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Milleyd2511/25 7:37AM
The streets are pure ice. Driving feels like Vanilla Lake
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Doctor Foxx3611/25 7:36AM
How do you think is the worst 'Breakout character'?HealthyLunatic111/25 7:22AM
2 guys are sitting in a pub.laery88811/25 7:21AM
Noomi RepaceChef_Excellence111/25 7:07AM
At least the good news is Darren Wilson has Quit the Police Force for good.. (Poll)
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Full Throttle4311/25 6:52AM
Hmm Surge or 5lbs of gummy bears?SILENTGHOSTS96511/25 6:48AM
I wish there was a place that delivered, like, burgers and stuff
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Lokarin1611/25 6:47AM
Would this be violating the bro code?
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lihlih2211/25 6:24AM
Wait, how did the Namekians build a spaceship?AwesomeTurtwig711/25 6:05AM
You Win PotD...... I Think It's Over... (;_;)'
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aDirtyShisno3311/25 5:49AM
Anyone here purposely avoided the Warcraft series?
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Takuru2411/25 5:05AM