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Rate this Villain Day 364 Ronan the Accuser (Poll)
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So we invaded Iraq because they had WMDs.Zareth83/2 9:47AM
Castle in the Darkness has an 8 Eyes reference
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Lokarin153/2 9:44AM
Day 366 Superhero/Hero/Antihero Mash Up (Poll)scubasteve4263/2 9:32AM
This 15 y/o Girl was told she was Fat by her Friends..Then she Died of a.... (Poll)
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I've worked at an animal shelter for 1.5 years now. AMAA
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i really want a mega man amiibo...ZiggiStardust53/2 8:39AM
when i was in high school, i tried printed out translations to play jp games...ZiggiStardust53/2 8:31AM
this is AMERICA! i play my games in AMERICAN!AladdinSane23/2 8:28AM
13/20 posts on my front page are poles.Judgmenl103/2 8:28AM
Why do parents need to be emotionally suffocating and hindering their kids life
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It's the game nobody asked for! ClayFighter Remastered!papercup23/2 7:50AM
I will remember you, do do do do dooChef_Excellence23/2 7:48AM
Why are people upset about US government regulation of the internet?
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Yes SpeeD, I'll be your friend.Dynalo63/2 7:05AM
I have my first big boy interview this Thursday
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Way to many gun incidents on the news again...Nichtcrawler X43/2 6:35AM
I tried to play Tetris the "right" way and I crapped out...Solid Sonic23/2 6:27AM
C/D You listen to music while working (Poll)aznStaRBoY53/2 5:51AM
Have you ever shoplifted?
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