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Which character looks more powerful? Day 6: Phage the Untouchable vs. Akroma, An (Poll)
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lihlih232/24 1:04PM
would you agree to become a pet for an alien?
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Zikten162/24 12:47PM
Today's poll is really unfair to Steam users...smexydanibouy62/24 12:43PM
Pooping, even in your own home, is now illegal, and strictly enforced
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TheWorstPoster262/24 12:42PM
You patent trans-dimensional toilet plungersTheWorstPoster62/24 12:15PM
I wonder if there's a job at Didney where are you do is slap DMCA notices...AwesomeTurtwig102/24 12:15PM
Darkest ******* Dungeon. (Poll)
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DaltonM162/24 11:59AM
This 30 y/o Beautiful Air Force Capt killed herself because she was Raped.... (Poll)
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Full Throttle332/24 11:40AM
Pretty sure I straight up failed my power electronics exam todayAwesomeTurtwig62/24 11:39AM
Do you want hunting to become Illegal? (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link372/24 11:27AM
i got a 24 raise at work!
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Ogurisama112/24 11:13AM
I find it odd that my favorite game of 2010+5 so far is Pokemon TCG Online.Judgmenl52/24 10:57AM
Greatest Movie Series Ever: Round 2: Match 16: Planet of the Apes vs. Die Hard (Poll)quigonzel82/24 10:51AM
Best Zelda Character (not part of the trinity) (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link132/24 10:29AM
DB Xenoverse has 9.3 user score on MetacriticMetal_Gear_Link42/24 10:27AM
I am really liking episode games!Metal_Gear_Link12/24 10:16AM
Here's the script for Inherent Vice.HoonDing12/24 10:12AM
A Jane's Addiction 5-pack came out today (Poll)
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AllstarSniper32232/24 10:07AM
Which of the following weapons is manliest? (Poll)Metal_Gear_Link102/24 10:00AM
My lips swell up when I get sickErik_P32/24 9:49AM