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Hottest Spin Fighter Day 9: White Tigerzord / Primator / Billy / Zordon (Poll)Ugly Joe13/6 6:36PM
Outrage over Kiss on The Fosters as 13 y/o Gay Kids make TV History!!.. (Poll)
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Four people total live in my apartment. I bought a fifteen pack of toilet paper
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favorite tastykake snack?pollguy5563/6 6:32PM
To this day, no other game has captured the magic that I feel...keyblader198543/6 6:31PM
It's like Valve read my mind. The Steam Link is hopefully great.Dynalo23/6 6:28PM
Sure, males are mean to females on the internet.
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We got some more gameplay of Xenoblade Chronicles X!!!MechaKirby93/6 6:22PM
What is the worst fandom?
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Ecchi poses?
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pollguy55353/6 6:19PM
All snow is yellow
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coheed and cambria is so goodMilleyd73/6 6:19PM
Why Am I "Paying" So Much In Taxes?
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This has got to be the worst Poll in recent history.
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Judgmenl183/6 6:01PM
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