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Do you remember 2008?
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Canadian retailer Future Shop closed its doors without warning todayOgurisama73/28 6:35PM
after like four days of using OSX full time i can't use windows anymore
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Kanakiri363/28 6:12PM
Better game, CT or FF6? (Poll)darcandkharg3183/28 6:11PM
Would you bite someone else's fingernails for $50? (Poll)
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Lerry757123/28 6:06PM
If any Souls game needs a remaster its Demon SoulsChef_Excellence23/28 6:04PM
ITT we talk only with predictive text choices
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Chef_Excellence123/28 5:59PM
Who remembers Psy-Ops the mind conspiracy?Sonicplys53/28 5:43PM
Six graphics I *never* want to see in 3d games
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jamieyello3113/28 5:40PM
I might go for all Achievements in FFXIII-2.Judgmenl63/28 5:37PM
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What are your favorite optional/secret boss battles?
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SilentSeph123/28 5:26PM
which would you rather be? (Poll)wackyteen13/28 5:14PM
What's the better feeling? (Poll)
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