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What is the age range you would be interested in dating someone?
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Erik_P294/22 2:02AM
Oh, hey, it's Earth Day. What am I supposed to do today again?
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Arctic_Sunrise224/22 1:58AM
Waka Flocka is running for president.
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ESMWjot134/22 1:51AM
What ever happened to gamepads with more than 4 primary face buttons?DeltaBladeX14/22 1:49AM
my carbon monoxide alarm went offhelIy44/22 1:29AM
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Finished with my LudumDare32 game.knivesX200434/22 12:24AM
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Should we remove Andrew Jackson from the $ 20 bill? (Poll)
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Which Religion whould you like the next president to be? (Poll)
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10 busses to different conventions are trapped in lava you can only save one (Poll)
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A woman shouldn't be president.
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miczz494/21 11:54PM
You know nothing, Jon Snow.raymanfan114/21 11:37PM
I love playing Skyrim and listening to the Enemy banter as they die.
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ShinRaKnight134/21 11:36PM
my cat won't go to sleep until I'm next to her in bedmetalconkerrr34/21 11:32PM
This 18 y/o Kid almost Died when he Kissed his SNAKE 13 Times and it BIT him!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle44/21 11:20PM