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The song from the LotR: the Two Towers trailer is the most overused song ever.Metro288/24 6:13AM
Moving house tomorrow, quite stressed out. Talk to me.RudyBeoulve98/24 6:04AM
I thought the e-mail system in Dot.Hack was real back in the day.Dmess8518/24 5:35AM
Blue eyes are actually the most common eye color in the United States.
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ImmortalityV158/24 5:29AM
I think it's funny that Saint Louis is now considered the "Gateway to the west."UnbiasTobias48/24 4:09AM
I saw a rock, then I ranFatalAccident48/24 3:48AM
Movie night, pick the movie (Poll)DeltaBladeX48/24 3:46AM
lol my alcohol tolerance has gone waaaaaaay down
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BNVshark123158/24 2:35AM
lol guyz im so drunk XD look at me!acesxhigh58/24 2:34AM
In that scene in Ozymandias *BB spoilers*...raymanfan118/24 2:01AM
What anime is this from?DeltaBladeX88/24 1:17AM
Anyone wanna play Uncharted 2/3 multiplayer?
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raymanfan1298/24 1:15AM
lol...__Muscles__58/24 1:08AM
When Terrorists threaten "Western" people, Do they just mean USA or Canada too? (Poll)
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Full Throttle128/24 1:01AM
Booby Flay is a smaller and ginger Gordon Ramsey.Viking_Mudcrap88/24 12:52AM
grammer error in the poll?
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jesse_skater118/24 12:50AM
i just realized what iggy's music video for Fancy is imping.helIy88/24 12:49AM
Man I Love cinnamon toast crunch!
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NightMareBunny228/24 12:33AM
If given the chance, would you spend all of one night having sex with a dragon? (Poll)
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ScooterHodunk228/24 12:14AM
Who remembers that female contest thing I used to do? (Poll)SIayer-78/24 12:11AM