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Day 13 - Semi-finals round 1: Best of PotD tourny - Arctic_Sunrise vs Kanakiri (Poll)Ogurisama37/24 11:01PM
Terrorizing POTD is hard with my best buddy ICOYAR moving on with his life?ImmortalityV17/24 10:59PM
Blue eyes master race.
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spealfan444137/24 10:56PM
Give me.... sugarLokarin37/24 10:54PM
Is there a term for failures that turn out to be good?
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Lokarin227/24 10:47PM
Joe biden is funny! anyone wish he was president instead of obama?BushidoEffect387/24 10:41PM
Injustice is 8 bucks on PS4 and 4 bucks on PS3kratospwnsnoobz77/24 10:39PM
if you got the option to rename Earth
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BlazeAndBlade327/24 10:36PM
Have you hypnoxed wih a pet in the room? (Poll)DeltaBladeX107/24 10:36PM
Kids today playing on phones/tablets vs 3DS...Justin2Krelian47/24 10:35PM
Has anyone else always thought they were decent looking... then hot?ImmortalityV17/24 10:35PM
Got Red Eyes?Insomnia47/24 10:33PM
This 21 y/o Man is going to Prison for 3 years cause he had a Stun Gun..Fair? (Poll)Full Throttle37/24 10:28PM
Fortunately or unfortunately. You have to f*** one of the Always Sunny guys. (Poll)
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BNVshark123197/24 10:28PM
Geek Eternal
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Entity13317/24 10:23PM
"People in Africa have it worse" (Poll)
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Gimpt3307/24 10:23PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 26 Funk Hits (Poll)AllstarSniper3267/24 10:22PM
Recently got all the Genesis sonics, really not enjoying them
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Luigi is the best267/24 10:18PM
Stop what you're doing and go watch Snowpiercerpapercup97/24 10:16PM
I have officially decided: My life goal is to be a virgin my whole life.
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anon_9577/24 10:15PM