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FTL is Invigorating.
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Tropical Video Game MusicPaladin_412/28 5:09PM
The gay agenda.Storrac412/28 5:08PM
Sports Discussion Topic #107: Hooray for Sports... They Rule!!!
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Not allowed to upgrade from X360 to PS4
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wesjones871812/28 5:07PM
This Man Demands $650 refund for The Interview tickets he tried to Scalp.... (Poll)
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Looks like I'm an uncle now. Terrific. More reasons to feel like a failure.
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Do atheist exist in comic book universes?Miroku_of_Nite1812/28 4:59PM
helly wtfZiggiStardust212/28 4:57PM
Finally Watching Breaking BadStupid Pirate Guy1012/28 4:55PM
If I were to play Final Fantasy XIV, would PotD play with me?
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papercup1512/28 4:50PM
Just dropped 35 bucks on Breath of Fire 3; buying JRPGs has become an addictioniliveforlife112/28 4:49PM
Any other PotDers going to play the Halo 5 beta?Xfma100212/28 4:47PM
Another White Guy outed as Lizard Squad Member who took down PSN/XBOX Live!!! (Poll)Full Throttle612/28 4:44PM
Post Entertaining Youtube Vids Here
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Stupid Pirate Guy1212/28 4:43PM
I like to return my redbox movies at a different location than where I rent themAction53212/28 4:42PM
Give me tips to Lucid Dream
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So I went to Midnight Mass for the first time tonight...
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Arctic_Sunrise3812/28 4:24PM
Does anyone here have Dolby Axon? (Invites Allowed)Spectrum57512/28 4:21PM
This music come on in a bar...Dmess85112/28 4:20PM