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Just beat Super Luigi Upapercup27/30 4:46PM
Zone of the Enders is a great seriesDmess8547/30 4:44PM
I wish Bioware didn't release the extended cut for ME3.Metro267/30 4:41PM
i just looked up who invented stairsLootman37/30 4:39PM
Delta is dead (again)
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DeltaBladeX597/30 4:34PM
In spite of the fact that the Wii U has games now, it is still floundering.
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VioletZer0377/30 4:32PM
stairs are just downward shelves for your feetLootman17/30 4:31PM
Rate this cartoon /10 -- Spider-Man (Poll)Slayer786157/30 4:15PM
New BioWare viral campaign 'You've Been Chosen'...pionear57/30 4:07PM
Considering selling my N64... I never play it and it just sits in a box.
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CubeTV207/30 3:58PM
So apparently they're gonna put Demon's Crest (Super NES) on the virtual consoleMilleyd67/30 3:54PM
Check out my new phone background (FFT related)Dark_samus13177/30 3:51PM
This was the best Flash Game I ever found in my life.
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UraRenge2005197/30 3:51PM
what anime is this?SHADOW010677/30 3:45PM
Lucas is going to recast Darth Vader for the Star Wars remake, who do you want? (Poll)
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FluorescentVoid137/30 3:43PM
Simpsons rating topic- Day 121- Lisa on Ice (Poll)DumpsterMcNuggets77/30 3:39PM
I deal with 2 merge points on my way home everyday. This blog says it perfectly.
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SunWuKung420137/30 3:32PM
ps3 40 gb worth 139?njkking0177/30 3:26PM
Favorite North American Country (Poll)yourDaddie57/30 3:14PM
SS > OoT
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GanonsSpirit237/30 3:13PM