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Are you the chosen one? (Poll)
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K-pop music video getting controversy because of racial slurs toward Japan.Ferarri61918/1 6:25AM
OoT vs Majora's Mask vs Wind Waker (Poll)
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Am I the only one who doesn't care about Guardians of the Galaxy?
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Anybody ever had a job at McDonald's?How soon after an interview do you get hireFatalAccident48/1 6:23AM
My wife and I are going to abstain for the next week.Troll_Police_78/1 6:21AM
Fox News is the worst
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This 33 y/o Canadian Woman said people made fun of her Stretch Marks... (Poll)
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PSA announcement: This Shovel Knight track is the best NES track ever.
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Boy, when it rains, it pours.keyblader198588/1 6:13AM
what kind of job do you have ? that you can afford all three?
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So why doesn't SquarEnix remake FF VII? (Poll)
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Have you ever wanted to play Daikatana?
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Leap that wall, if you're so great!Metro238/1 5:59AM
It's mine and my gf's two year anniversary today...Squall95468/1 5:57AM
A customer complained that the music we play in the store is inappropriate.
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humanity is a prude species openly but behind closed doors 99% are freaks
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my friend loves to talk about her bf.
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Stream vs Panda vs other (explain) (Poll)bluPython28/1 5:51AM