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Super metroid redesign wall jumps are sooo hardDmess8518/1 4:30PM
ITT we give the above poster a compliment.
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Xfma100668/1 4:29PM
You should have to pass a test to get a license to have a child.Ordinary_Hero68/1 4:28PM
So this Mormon guy I know won't go pick his friend up at the airport because...bluPython18/1 4:27PM
Feminists (Poll)mayu78098/1 4:25PM
Left 4 Dead Versus game today?
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BBalla10118/1 4:24PM
Mega Man Battle Network is on the Wii U VC today.
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papercup638/1 4:24PM
Did you know there was an animaetd Jekyll And Hyde Special?NightMareBunny38/1 4:21PM
can you use paypal if youre under 18Greenfox11128/1 4:20PM
What's a paladin?
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Chef_Excellence218/1 4:20PM
Copying Turtwig: Ill post in this topic once a day
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Ogurisama418/1 4:19PM
I actually watched the Seinfeld porno for the actingAwesomeTurtwig48/1 4:19PM
Do you take this poster seriously? Day 11 - LanHikari10 (Poll)
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edededdy308/1 4:18PM
If you were to give a game to a port-house studio, which would it be?raymanfan148/1 4:17PM
Jennifer Lawrence is single now.bluPython28/1 4:16PM
It's funny how CoD4 was actually pretty deep.raymanfan148/1 4:15PM
Have y'all seen the Deadpool test footage?
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Blightzkrieg388/1 4:13PM
Ps3 or jump to next gen!njkking01108/1 4:11PM
*sigh* hate it when there's scorpions in the house
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Sylvia_Dia198/1 4:09PM
Do I need specific 3d glasses for my tvBoogieonover68/1 4:09PM