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It's a math rock monday!argonautweekynd13/2 9:00AM
Astronomers find black hole 12 BILLION times bigger than the sun
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What current console do you own poll
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canine ate seven sick five year oldsargonautweekynd63/2 8:39AM
i really want a mega man amiibo...ZiggiStardust53/2 8:39AM
What good is net neutrality while still allowing DATA CAPS???
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Greatest Movie Series Ever: Top 16: Match 5: Star Wars vs. Jurassic Park (Poll)
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These Girls are Twins..But one is White and one is Black! Who's Hotter??? (Poll)
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when i was in high school, i tried printed out translations to play jp games...ZiggiStardust53/2 8:31AM
You find a genie that grants you only one wish, but only if...
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ObligatoryFate573/2 8:31AM
this is AMERICA! i play my games in AMERICAN!AladdinSane23/2 8:28AM
someone should start a youtube channel about reacting to reaction videosNade Duck53/2 8:28AM
13/20 posts on my front page are poles.Judgmenl103/2 8:28AM
Zelda Williams dead body posting vs. Pizza Guy harassed by F&R Sales
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What percentage of this board's childhoods sucked? (Poll)
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EclairReturns343/2 8:25AM
Why do parents need to be emotionally suffocating and hindering their kids life
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It's the game nobody asked for! ClayFighter Remastered!papercup23/2 7:50AM
So it's common knowledge many women own a 'toy'. what about males? (Poll)
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Ryan-06213/2 7:49AM
I will remember you, do do do do dooChef_Excellence23/2 7:48AM
Woo! My State Legalized Gay Married... Kind Of...
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JediMutant173/2 7:34AM