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Did Beyonce have one of the best videos of all time? (Poll)knightoffire55612/21 9:08PM
What? I heard that Amazing Spiderman 3 will bring back Toby and not use Andrew
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davf1352012/21 9:04PM
Sports Discussion Topic #106: Tanksgiving Leftovers
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bachewychomp40812/21 9:01PM
Playing Phoenix Wright for the first time *maybe SPOILERS*SkaFrost89812/21 9:00PM
okay, so, LOTR: Fellowship and the Linkin Park album The Hunting Party
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helIy1212/21 8:58PM
alright so tunngle seems like it works, so anyone wann play terraria with it?
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AllstarSniper324212/21 8:48PM
Look what my fiance bought me for Christmas!
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Flutershy3612/21 8:46PM
Things your parents told you as a kid that mildly F***ed you up/ always stuck
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Qc_Stryder (M)1312/21 8:42PM
What if there were "mutants" among us. How would you feel about them?KainReaver109712/21 8:41PM
I feel kind of silly/lame for asking this, but what was your first time like?
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WastelandCowboy1712/21 8:41PM
also, i have $10.61 in google play store money andhelIy412/21 8:39PM
Peanut Butter > Sugar = Chocolate chip > Snickerdoodles >PowerOats812/21 8:37PM
so i just went out and bought that new borderlands gamehelIy412/21 8:36PM
I wish we had the capability to voluntary sleep instantaneouslybachewychomp812/21 8:33PM
Guy eating lunch in restroomSylvia_Dia612/21 8:30PM
Have you ever been KO'd? (Poll)
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darcandkharg311412/21 8:27PM
The doctor took Zoop away (Poll)knightoffire55112/21 8:21PM
My son was just born!
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Sage_assassin203712/21 8:10PM
Is it too hot to dance?-Kitt-212/21 8:03PM
I am so bad at sleeping :(YOSSisBACK512/21 8:00PM