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Any Joe Satriani fans on potd?man10149/17 10:52PM
Mmmm, actually, I think Ys Oath in Felghana is tied with Origin as the bestRaganork1029/17 10:52PM
Why do I feel compelled to play Runescape all of a sudden.
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daftalive08129/17 10:52PM
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Is this right?
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Total # of people you've had sexual intercourse with? (Poll)
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JaH Reborn639/17 10:42PM
If Sony had a video game mascot, who would it be? (Poll)
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Xade76279/17 10:41PM
why does USA always get a Watered down collectors edition of A Japanese Game?
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NightMareBunny679/17 10:38PM
So I'm having a great f****** daykriemhilde0019/17 10:35PM
What if Princess Magical joined the debate team at her school?argonautweekynd19/17 10:33PM
Today's Poll: Most dominant system?
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My brother's mad at me for drinking too much soda
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Relius_Infinity359/17 10:30PM
Are you getting the new Smash Bros? (Poll)
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knivesX2004229/17 10:30PM