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So the new Call of Duty is basically Deus Ex: FPS edition...Crimson_Jesus74/23 2:54PM
The amount of recent Pokemon boat-ware is disgusting.Judgmenl14/23 2:54PM
Paid Steam Workshop?
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Judgmenl124/23 2:51PM
Public voice chat in games is bad.GanonsSpirit44/23 2:51PM
Does anyone else read aloud posts on GameFAQs in a quiet voice?
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EclairReturns174/23 2:27PM
The reason why Valve can't count to 3 is because...RayKnight34/23 2:13PM
102 year old dancer sees herself dance for the first time.supergamer1914/23 2:12PM
Anyone else mad you can't switch your choice on a poll on 2:03PM
How do you like your eggs?
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edbassmaster534/23 2:02PM
So did they ever reach the grand line in One Piece?cdark74/23 2:01PM
4chan photoshop threads are the best-Komaiko54M34/23 1:58PM
What should i be doing for my company now?RFC2264/23 1:50PM
How many special boards are there?Action5324/23 1:40PM
Jeannie from TeensReact is hot!
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AllstarSniper321504/23 1:39PM
shovel knight on psn in mere hours!!!ZiggiStardust54/23 1:29PM
OMG if fast food was like this it would be a nightmare.Ferarri61994/23 1:07PM
this is exactly how i feel about anime fans and many people on this board (nade)
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ZiggiStardust264/23 1:01PM
I go to work at 4 AM so I can leave by 2 pm
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ASlaveObeys124/23 12:56PM
Do I have a shot at UCLA or UC: Berkeley for a PhD in physics?
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Sirkukukingz5124/23 12:55PM
Saw The Mask for the first time just now.
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raymanfan1334/23 12:52PM