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I heard it's possible to save Aries/Arieth in FF7FridayHorse39/2 3:00PM
REAL Poll of the Day - Name Your GameKOReldor59/2 3:00PM
Salt and Sanctuary blends "2D Castlevania and Dark Souls"
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Far-Queue149/2 2:59PM
is there a gaming board here that doesn't have people being jerkssonicbn99/2 2:57PM
None of the twenty year olds at work knew who Monica Lewinski was
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This is the best glitch I've ever seen. (Madden 15)ESP Samus19/2 2:57PM
pray for me PotD I have to use the phone againacesxhigh59/2 2:56PM
Carlos Slim says we should have a 12 hours for 3 day work week (Poll)
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Metal_Gear_Link129/2 2:56PM
Took a pic of my new battle station <3Judgmenl19/2 2:56PM
omg i just remembered wackyteenTwyliteSprinkle49/2 2:49PM
Critikal is a terrible Youtuber
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N805119/2 2:48PM
C/D moving out of your parents is overated
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kratospwnsnoobz289/2 2:47PM
whycome you dont like anime?
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mayu780389/2 2:42PM
I saw a fat guy wearing a catbug T-ShirtSt_Kevin39/2 2:37PM
Lmao, Putin just said if he wanted all of Ukraine he could have it in two weeks!
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St_Kevin129/2 2:34PM
If women lusted after your junk (visually), would you care if they could see it? (Poll)
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Sahuagin159/2 2:34PM
Choose my next Diablo 3 playthrough character class. (Poll)GameLord11389/2 2:30PM
Stephen Bean Episode 5: No Time Left. (Birthday Edition)
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Kimbos_Egg2669/2 2:24PM
How's that Donganronpa Vita game?
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Raganork10349/2 2:24PM
So I played the first episode of The Wolf Among UsAwesomeTurtwig109/2 2:23PM