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I'm under 200 AMP again!bachewychomp18/1 8:49PM
Hearing music in dreamsbachewychomp88/1 8:46PM
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I'm leaving to Scottsdale, AZ for a few days for a family emergency
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Melon_Master488/1 8:43PM
find it odd there are more people that own all than ppl that own both ps4/x1jellybeanmaster28/1 8:40PM
Penn or Teller (Poll)St_Kevin78/1 8:39PM
Beware the alien, the mutant, the heretic
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Have y'all seen the Deadpool test footage?
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Jennifer Lawrence is single now.bluPython108/1 8:34PM
anti-smoking commercials make me want to take up smoking
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Nade Duck128/1 8:31PM
If 4kids edit The Walking Dead and showed it on their channel...Aaron20b108/1 8:31PM
What could have prevented Elliot Rodger's shooting?
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Metro2228/1 8:26PM
I smell like green apples :3St_Kevin58/1 8:25PM
A Lamb of God 3-pack came out today (Poll)AllstarSniper3288/1 8:16PM
ITT we give the above poster a compliment.
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Ok here's the question: Who is your waifu in Adventure Time?
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I was robbed again last Sunday.Dan042918/1 8:07PM
Favorite Past Rocksmith DLC Part 27 Pantera (Poll)
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Do you remember that one kid in middleschool who ran like sonic/naruto? (Poll)
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