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Waited to buy the Little Mac Amiibo and now they're sold out everywhere near by
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Melon_Master2512/24 7:52PM
This 19 y/o Kid attacked a 21 y/o with a Pickax. Look at what he did to himself! (Poll)Full Throttle312/24 7:50PM
Going to replay Dishonored *spoilers* (Poll)Ogurisama612/24 7:50PM
Christmas isn't about gift givingErik_P712/24 7:37PM
What do you do when a girl asks if another girl is prettier (and she IS)? (Poll)
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davf1352112/24 7:35PM
What do you think of George Lopez, the sitcom?
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EclairReturns1612/24 7:33PM
So I went to Midnight Mass for the first time tonight...
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Arctic_Sunrise2012/24 7:33PM
so there's this girl I know.
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ThePollGuy543412/24 7:14PM
The Interview now available on Google play and YoutubeSt_Kevin912/24 7:09PM
Get off from work early. Go home. Boot up PS4 to play GTA Online.
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WastelandCowboy1112/24 7:02PM
Whadugetfer Jeebus burfday?fuzzyman112/24 7:02PM
Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit of Happiness.
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SrRd_RacinG1112/24 6:57PM
So I tried playing Witch Trainer <_<
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Judgmenl1512/24 6:53PM
I think I rather enjoy a few of the shows on Cartoon NetworkTheZoranTunic112/24 6:49PM
Why is everyone acting like pizza came out this decade?!WaterImp412/24 6:38PM
ITT: I will post some of my favorite pictures I took in 2014
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SIvIart_USMC1812/24 6:38PM
Ruby > PythonArctheLad13212/24 6:36PM
AshitakaASlaveObeys812/24 6:36PM
So, this is Christmas.WastelandCowboy312/24 6:23PM
Chimpanzees break free from a lab a midst a global pandemic and it's up to a
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aHappySacka1312/24 6:09PM