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Lets remember what Thanksgiving is really about,the genocide of Native Americans
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GamerGoth6662511/27 7:48PM
Dinner was good, how 'bout you guys?dragon504811/27 7:34PM
What's the fastest you've ever driven?
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tiago922411/27 7:25PM
Confirm/Deny: You're here because of social reasons. (Poll)
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IAmNowGone1911/27 7:17PM
I used to think lesbians were just plain unpleasant...ArctheLad13611/27 7:07PM
Turkey sandwiches for days. DAYS.Captain-Trips311/27 7:04PM
You wake up to find you have no job, no friends, and...BNVshark123711/27 7:03PM
are you spending thanksgiving ALONE (Poll)
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mayu7801911/27 7:03PM
Hoppy Thanksgiving...Milleyd111/27 6:55PM
Happy Thanksgiving Everyone! (Poll)knightoffire55111/27 6:53PM
Current Arnie is god-tier Arnie.raymanfan1211/27 6:48PM
This 5 y/o Kid Died in Alabama after he was bit by a Brown Recluse in 3 Hours!! (Poll)Full Throttle511/27 6:40PM
You wake up to find a naked Ronald McDonald right on top of youWhatPoll611/27 6:30PM
PotD Lore Topic
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GanonsSpirit1711/27 6:26PM
Can I ask you a question?WhatPoll411/27 6:25PM
white americans, what? nothin' better to do? why dont you kick yourself out,DirtBasedSoap811/27 6:19PM
My eyes have been twitching a lot lately.Kanakiri611/27 6:18PM
Global worming is realWhatPoll411/27 5:51PM
So I was watching Empire Strikes Back, and I noticed something. (spoilers)Metro2911/27 5:48PM
Who's yer favourite Steve/Stephen? (Poll)
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Lokarin3311/27 5:45PM