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The Wire is great partly because it serves as a great metaphor 4 the console war
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Kingmichael1337118/27 1:22PM
Bought myself another PS2 and some games for my birthday.
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Milleyd188/27 1:15PM
Is your notebook this awesome? I love office supplies.Doctor Foxx108/27 1:12PM
If your name appears in yellow, I will generally back you up in an argument...ZiggiStardust98/27 1:01PM
Shots firedFatalAccident48/27 12:58PM
My friend told me Michelangelo was the "African American" of the ninja turtlesZiggiStardust58/27 12:54PM
Rebel Without A Cause was the D2: The Mighty Ducks of our parents generation.ArctheLad1338/27 12:54PM
Yes! A Top 10 I can finally relate to!T-dus48/27 12:51PM
Mario Kart 8 DLC Leaked - Link, F-Zero Track, Cat Peach, Tanookie Mario.
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pipebomb__sushi328/27 12:41PM
So what's the tipping point for American infrastructure?kangolcone68/27 12:35PM
hahahaFatalAccident98/27 12:26PM
Are we reverse dragons?
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BNVshark123128/27 12:18PM
Android people. Try the Javelin browser.r7gerrabbit48/27 12:12PM
My first class starts in 15 minutes
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Mr_melodramatic148/27 12:11PM
Capcom suing Tecmo Koei
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LuminousSpark268/27 12:11PM
Lo dejaria todo porque se quedaran
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Viking_Mudcrap118/27 12:07PM
nice waterKanakiri28/27 12:04PM
Why don't you use SepiaFaqs?
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BigOlePappy118/27 12:03PM
im GAY (Closed)
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mayu780328/27 11:59AM
I have reached maximum boredomAwesomeTurtwig98/27 11:56AM