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Recommend me Manga plz.
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urmomishawt04357/19 4:58PM having some issues today.Dark_samus13167/19 4:55PM
To those in the Destiny beta - Get your ass to Mars!
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Far-Queue257/19 4:36PM
So stoked for EvolveBoogieonover17/19 4:35PM
I am LOVING Persona 2 Eternal Punishment
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Junpeiclover227/19 4:35PM
rayman plays Zelda Minish Cap and Wind Waker HD!
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raymanfan1157/19 4:24PM
wow i was gonna make some spaghetti o's...but no clean bowls to use
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NightMareBunny217/19 4:23PM
Pick what Boogie plays first to three winsBoogieonover97/19 4:22PM
Is there any game, similar to Fez, that's like Zelda swapping into 2D platformerLokarin97/19 4:21PM
How come Wii VC games are in 16:9 and Wii U VC games are in 4:3?raymanfan127/19 4:21PM
I am so angry right now.ArctheLad1367/19 4:19PM
Guys, I have an infection in my nutsfrybrain009437/19 4:06PM
State of Decay looks like a pretty fun gameBoogieonover57/19 3:58PM
What happened to all the good topics on PotD?
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ArctheLad13127/19 3:50PM
Did you know that if you've been banned from Gamespot, you're banned here too?? (Poll)Full Throttle97/19 3:41PM
Pokemon topic???
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Raganork10207/19 3:41PM
I just spent 2 hours looking for a sofa to buyErik_P27/19 3:40PM
Is it bad that I keep seeing Grandpa Yugi in the shopkeepers in FFV and FFVI?T-dus27/19 3:40PM
ATTN: ArcTheLadquigonzel57/19 3:34PM
I just beat the main story of Borderlands 2 for the first time *SPOILERS*
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AwesomeTurtwig117/19 3:18PM