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remember how, years ago, we thought everything looked super ****ing good?helIy29/30 1:49AM
PotD Rate a Game - Game 760 - Gran Turismo (PS1)
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DeltaBladeX149/30 1:30AM
21 year old asking out a 17 year old.
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DirtBasedSoap949/30 1:29AM
Who's watching the Family Guy/Simpsons crossover?
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darcandkharg31199/30 1:23AM
Me at the gymDeltaBladeX39/30 12:40AM
would it rob me of the experience if I listened to the Simpsons as I play SilentBotnus91269/30 12:08AM
I'm watching hentai...
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quigonzel159/29 11:46PM
I am the Terror of Zanarkand!T-dus39/29 11:40PM
I'd shake it all for Taylor.WastelandCowboy89/29 11:34PM
Steven Universe is becoming the best show on CN
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EvilMegas209/29 11:33PM
Lol "other than smash"TooTooP229/29 11:31PM
ITT: madadude gives us music recommendationsDespondentDeity49/29 11:29PM
Ordered a pizza and it won't get here til 1:30. The ****?
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party_animal07189/29 11:27PM
What is your go to late night snack?BigOlePappy99/29 11:27PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 17: Gate To Limbo Vs. Command Center (Poll)Ugly Joe39/29 11:22PM
Sexiest Doom Level Day 15: House Of Pain Vs. Deimos Lab (Poll)Ugly Joe39/29 11:01PM
I really hated that last Dr who ep
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Lootman179/29 10:46PM
The Blacklist is my new favorite show.daftalive08109/29 10:38PM
The PotD does not mean you ARE looking forward to smashff7fan321v219/29 10:28PM
do you think nintendo's tricking people into buying Smash 3DS with the launchNightMareBunny109/29 10:26PM