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If love is a battlefield...TheWorstPoster42/26 4:15PM
You are now a math teacher. Instead of ordinary math problemsTheWorstPoster12/26 4:14PM
okay, i can't take it. let's 4 player co-op Halo 3 on MCC.
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helIy172/26 4:14PM
Why do Anglo people care so much about Grammar?yourDaddie42/26 4:14PM
Can we talk about how attractive Elizabeth Olsen is?WaterImp42/26 4:11PM
Should Halal and Krosher meat be banned for animal cruelty? (Poll)yourDaddie62/26 4:11PM
Hilary Clinton in 2016 nay or yay
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You know whose voice is worse than Lil' Wayne's?kratosdakota332/26 4:07PM
Thanks Obama for saving the internet! (Poll)
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This Christian Group says God is punishing America with ISIS because of LGBT!!.. (Poll)Full Throttle12/26 4:07PM
transgender sues prison after being denied hormones treatment while incarcerated
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ZiggiStardust2132/26 4:04PM
How many song influences do you recognize in this? (Poll)WadaTah42/26 4:02PM
Tech people help please.
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BBalla10142/26 4:00PM
Do you think it's shameful to find people outside your race attractive?
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KainReaver109632/26 3:58PM
Does this look appealing to you (Poll)Judgmenl32/26 3:57PM
Dragon Ball XV is getting released early on PC.VioletZer092/26 3:56PM
Suppose there was going to be a major rule change which you have no control overTheWorstPoster62/26 3:55PM
Question about the Marvel cinematic/comic universe (spoilers)Action5322/26 3:51PM
I'm replaying Final Fantasy VI: Part 3.. Yes, 3. :P
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Melon_Master172/26 3:51PM
Oh, so they're trying to outlaw ammunition now?
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NeoSioType442/26 3:48PM