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Zoe Quinn wrote an article for Cracked today
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OmegaM379/16 6:47PM
Should Scotland become it's own Country? (Poll)
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St_Kevin139/16 6:46PM
Swimsuit for Girls has Outraged and Disgusted many people!! Are you grossed out? (Poll)Full Throttle49/16 6:46PM
People in /g/ can't pass the house / utility test...Judgmenl89/16 6:46PM
One of my supervisors is oddly high maintenance with her appearance.
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Creepyposter239/16 6:45PM
I'm strongly considering going over to iOS.plasma_kirby12399/16 6:45PM
So I got myself an adapter to plug into my electrical socket.SophieLuvsTofu39/16 6:45PM
What kind of Thriller is Jaws?Yuffie36069/16 6:43PM
The ugly truth about women in video games.VioletZer019/16 6:43PM
So, I'm getting through Ben Bova's 'Grand Tour' sci-fi series.Arctic_Sunrise19/16 6:43PM
Let's say you meet the girl of your dreams on PotD but she says you're now only
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bachewychomp169/16 6:41PM
I'm going to remove yep, yup and yeah from my vocabularySt_Kevin99/16 6:38PM
I haven't had a girlfriend since high school
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DirtBasedSoap129/16 6:34PM
Rented Destiny. I'll be the judge of this game's merits (or lack thereof)Raganork1059/16 6:33PM
my fiancee a rescued a baby squirrel
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CarefreeDude129/16 6:32PM
the marvel cinematic universe is too campy
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LemonDestroyer209/16 6:29PM
Didn't think it was possible, but I just listened to a feminist for 6 minutes,dragon50419/16 6:26PM
Since Shenti has finally come out, would anyone else like to be as brave?
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ZiggiStardust339/16 6:24PM
Good first message online dating...
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GreenTreeClub199/16 6:23PM
Should I buy iPad Air? (Poll)
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Lobomoon229/16 6:21PM