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Speed runs is crazy, man.Zareth31/30 11:41AM
I beat tales of legendia last night (spoiler)ernieforss31/30 11:34AM
My mother reminded me today that she knows I have a diaper fetish.
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Judgmenl191/30 11:31AM
Sega of America firing 300 people, focusing more on PC/Smartphone games.
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Ferarri619231/30 11:29AM
Question about the Sega CD
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JoanOfArcade111/30 11:28AM
*creats troll topic*Ogurisama101/30 11:20AM
I beat every official Doom 3 campaign on Nightmare...papercup51/30 11:20AM
Imagine if Judgmenl and helly cone togrthetand created a spawn?
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supergamer19241/30 11:11AM
why is Obama so smelly??Ireland_FTW31/30 11:10AM
First level 100 pokemon
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Ogurisama191/30 10:55AM
Rate that TV Show | Day 655 | Alfred Hitchcock Presents (Poll)Slayer786141/30 10:54AM
Symphony of the night, how do I get into the top right room in the Clock Tower?
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deadpigs101121/30 10:47AM
*Pays down mortgage by 10%*St_Kevin81/30 10:43AM
Stephen Bean topic Series 2 Episode 2, A House Divided
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Kimbos_Egg1791/30 10:43AM
I'm in a bad mood. Post ideas for video games you want to see made.DelectableTears81/30 10:40AM
Transformice is now on SteamSIvIart_USMC41/30 10:38AM
Marshawn Lynch's favorite Mario Kart character is Toad.SunWuKung42011/30 10:31AM
I remember when I was new here....quigonzel11/30 10:04AM
Greatest Movie Series Ever Round 1: Match 29: The Pink Panther vs. Austin Powers (Poll)quigonzel91/30 10:00AM
Dying Light is terrifying at night when you're playing single player.IceDragon7791/30 9:51AM