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This meme is kinda bad.
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This Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Poster has people FUMING! Are you offended? (Poll)Full Throttle97/29 8:03PM
What's you favorite Pikachu quote?
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monster hunter topic
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Asked hottie out, she said yes, life is good.
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God. i can never get to New game Plus on dark souls 2..
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This 14 y/o Girl texted her b/f "Omg, i'm being Kidnapped!" found Dead..Full Throttle87/29 7:51PM
Stephen Bean Topic, Episode 4: Around Every Corner.
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I hate how Batman has become a fad.
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If Mermaids were real... (Poll)
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how was Ashens able to film, edit, and release his movie during the time AVGNhelIy27/29 7:42PM
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