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I've been in the airport for 2 hours getting drunk.
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Zangulus2011/27 2:18PM
Why does KKK says whites are superior?
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Return of the Geek
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why are cheez its more expensive than cheese nips?NightMareBunny911/27 2:05PM
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Who here believes that skinny is automatically healthier than overweight?
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Does thanksgiving porn even exist?
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Raw_Egg1111/27 1:36PM
My brain is hurting, help me
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argonautweekynd1711/27 1:34PM
Finished reading A Farewell To Arms last nightBBalla10611/27 1:34PM
In honor of Thanksgiving, let's talk about Vegitarianism (Poll)
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Is it worth it to upgrade my note 3?Viking_Mudcrap111/27 1:21PM