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Net neutrality bill in 25 days
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RedSox342172/1 1:03PM
I'm streaming Civilization V out of boredomAwesomeTurtwig12/1 12:44PM
Of the new classes being added into FFXIV which are you most excited for? (Poll)JoanOfArcade62/1 12:43PM
PotD Gun Topic Part 2
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SIvIart_USMC3582/1 12:41PM
There is some white stuff outsideOmegayar92/1 12:38PM
I made this =3N80572/1 12:36PM
Dying Light is GOTY 2015 so far.
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Zareth172/1 12:31PM
Sooo.. I acidentally hit a pole, and my headlight broke off...
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green dragon182/1 12:29PM
I knew I should have never started drinkingfrybrain009442/1 12:25PM
There's a JRPG thread on /v/ right now addressing why I don't like games as much
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Judgmenl302/1 12:19PM
Heyyyyyy, rewatching Iron Man 2 made me realize in a more clear manner as to whyquigonzel52/1 12:12PM
what are you doing this Super Doge SundaySHADOW010642/1 11:56AM
Today's poll is proof that people let bias skew their perception of likelihood.
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Lord_Carlisle172/1 11:56AM
I beat tales of legendia last night (spoiler)ernieforss92/1 11:55AM
Post your predictions for the final score of the Super Bowl (potential prizes)
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Greatriots392/1 11:42AM
When do you swear/cuss?
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Real_Account152/1 11:41AM
I suddenly would like to bone Morrigan very hard right now... question!
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BushidoEffect3272/1 11:39AM
Do you have any Miis in Smash Bros. based on famous characters/celebrities?keyblader198552/1 11:22AM
I can't wait for majoras mask 3D ive been waiting for a sequel toNinjaGhosts12/1 11:19AM
It's my mothaf***in birthday
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DirtBasedSoap142/1 11:12AM